Consign with us

We are thrilled your here! At High Line, we offer consignment services as well as buyout offers. Please review our terms below.

To submit items for consignment/buyout simple send us a text at 480-939-3960 with photos and details of the items you'd like to consign. You may also email them to

Consignment Contract

By signing this contract, you are agreeing to a 50% commission for High Line Furniture. Pricing is based on 25-30% of original retail. Some items may be priced higher due to brand and condition.

I: Payment options for items sold include: check by mail, Venmo, Paypal or direct deposit. All payments are made at the end of consignment, unless the consignee has agreed to payouts via Venmo. ( Please note all payments are made AFTER contract end date, if you have a venmo account or a zelle
II: Length of consignment is for 120 days.Items will be eligible for a 20% price adjustment during the first 30 days and an additional 20% between 30 and 60 days. After 90 days, a final markdown of 50% may be applied for the remaining 30 days of the contract.
III: Price guarantees for exclusive items or variations of client percentages must be discussed by phone or email.
IV: Consignor leaves all items at his or her risk. High Line furniture shall not be responsible for the loss, destruction, damage or theft of consigned items. Items are handled with the utmost care by professionals and stored in a safe environment.
V: Consignment items in need of pickup will be charged a pickup fee based on the amount of items being picked up and distance from the store.  Delivery charges must be paid at time of pickup and may not be applied to future sales. Delivery charges will be discussed before any items are picked up.
 I:   ________agree to a pick up fee charge of $_______to be paid upon pickup. Cash or check is accepted.
VI: Sale of items will be marketed on our website and in store at our warehouse location. Items may also be marketed on all social media accounts and sent out via email list to local designers/ vendors. Items such as antiques and other period pieces may be marketed on 1stdibs account, Ebay and Ruby Lane.
VII: A complete inventory list will be sent for your records, along with estimated sale pricing.
End of term:
I: All items that have not sold after the 120 day contract end date,may be eligible for a “buyout” offer from High Line. Items may also be taken to charity, if chosen not to pick up. Consignee will receive a tax write off receipt for their records.
II: Storage- if additional time is needed for pickup consignee can choose to have items placed in storage for a $100 per month charge with provided pickup date.
Please note: Consignees are responsible for keeping track of their consignment terms. Any items not sold or picked up within 95 days of the consignment end date will become property of High Line Furniture.
High Line Furniture
7830 E Redfield Suite 103
Scottsdale AZ 85260
By signing below I agree to the terms and conditions listed above:
Address: _________________________________________________


Prior to consignment you will receive a price sheet with our starting price and our sales price. We simply accept best offers; if any offers are received less than our "sale price," we will contact the consignee prior to agreeing to sale.

We take a 50% commission

We split pickup costs with our consignees 50/50. Our third party moving company charges $85 per hour and is licensed and insured.

Whether it is a few items or a whole house of items, our movers can handle the pickup and provide the outmost care and customer service.