Please submit photos via email to For fastest response time send us a text to our store number 480-939-3960 letting us know to expect an email.
Please provide the following information along with your photos.
  • brand name; this is crucial in the resale of your furniture, if you do not know this information we can help identify
  • age; how old is the item?
  • condition; how would you rate your items on a scale of 1-10?
  • anything additional information is always helpful!


Terms and Conditions

  • All items are kept for 90 days. It is consignors responsibility to keep track of their consignment. If items we are not contacted within 72 hours of end date, regarding storage, pickup or donation, items will become property of High Line Furniture. 
  • 50/50 split.
  • Item pricing is based off the above conditions. All reasonable offers will be accepted. There are no automatic price reductions at our store. If we feel prices should be reduced, we will contact you before doing so. 
  • An estimated price sheet will be provided to our consignees as a courtesy, based off our knowledge an experience. This is not a binding price sheet and we can not guarantee sale at any price. 
  • Pickup arrangement can be made with at least 48 hours advanced notice.  Consignee agrees to pay pickup charge prior to pickup based off amount of items and location.


COVID 19 update:

Consignments are now being offered at 120-180 day contracts.